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      The core of our success
      At hongly , the approach to the management and control of quality is total and integrated. Our company passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 , The company will continue to improve its quality system based on ISO9001:2000 to realize its goal and continuous development. The company manufactures according to ICH-Q7H-international GMP for manufacture process, We impose a very exacting regime of systems, procedures, checks, tests, analyses to monitor and control quality and no compromise is allowed at any stage.
      Quality Control
       Analytical Method Development & Validation 
       Preparation of Specifications for Incoming
       Materials, In-process Samples & Finished Product
       Training & Personnel Validation
       Preparation of Secondary Standards
       Analysis of Incoming Materials, In-process
       Samples & Finished Product
       Doer & Checker Concept
       Calibration & Prevention Maintenance of Instruments   
      Quality Assurance 
       Document Control
       Batch Sheet Issuance & Checking
       Change Control
       Training Co-ordination & Records
       Internal Quality Audits
       Finished Product Label Control
       Finished Product Consignment Checking
       Finished Product Release
       Vendor Approval

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